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  • The beauty, spa and hairdressing market is more generally of beauty, but it is expanding. Strong competition as well as the advent of the Internet and the phenomenon of coupons have reduced the profitability of these businesses.
    To this end, the QSCE software division has implemented NoiSPA: a software that is designed to facilitate the administration of your center, enabling you to have a FREE and COMPLETE management of ordinary activities.
    In a free market, where customers pass from one shop to another with ease, NoiSpa is the weapon you need to fight the fierce competition. With its 43 additional modules you will have all the bullets to face any challenge.
    Do you want to know at any time, clearly and precisely, how the appointments of the day or the week are organized? Do you want to know at any time which are the treatments, the promotions or the subscriptions that a customer has purchased from you? Whether it is a reliable or unreliable customer? If the customer has to pay a purchase? If an operator is up to the job at the shop and how much does he/she generate in terms of revenue?
    NoiSPA data files reside in your computer, not on an internet site, so it also works without an internet connection. They are therefore safe from prying eyes and if you require the Pen Drive version you will have the utmost security to bring your entire shop with you at all times. However, it is possible to have the version with only the remote archives and the version entirely on Cloud. This is to have your data available wherever you are.
    The downloadable version offers the following features in a totally free way:
    Automatic customer management.
    Automatically managed articulated appointments for operator or speculator. We are the only ones with the availability search engine. Do you have to enter a 15 minute treatment? All calculations are made by the NoiSpa search engine.
    Automatic management of treatments and promotions (multiple treatments and / or products together).
    Automatic Cash Management.
    Automatic vendor management.
    Automatic product management.
    Automatic machinery management.
    Forum for information exchange between shops and information gallery.
    Historical Customer Payments Management (*).
    Management of the vendor's history (*).
    Cabin management with the ability to see the daily occupation of the cabins (*).
    Automatic warehouse management (*).
    Multi-user Management. Possibility to determine for each new user what functions of the software can be accessed (*).
    In essence, NoiSPA offers free of charge everything concerning the ordinary activity of the shop. As for the extraordinary activities that may be of interest to the shop, there are additional modules.


    In the free version there is everything you need to better manage your shop and eliminate the use of paper, but only at our explicit request our company can integrate the software with these modules to extend the potential of the product.
    To proceed with the purchase of a form, you must pay it with the PAY NOW button. You will be directed to PayPal where you can use a normal rechargeable credit card. After the purchase an invoice will be sent and then by email you will receive the code which activates the additional form.
    For information write to: info@qsce-software.com or call 392.4994769 (just on WhatsUp). There are discounts for purchasing a number of modules above 6, so please contact our sales service.
    Cod. 20 - One-hour skype training with NoiSpa with a teacher showing its functions. Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 20 - 20 euros
    Cod. 1 - NoiSPA Management on USB Stick. Allows you to have the software on a normal USB without installing it on your computer. The data will be on the key, always with you. Maximum privacy and security with encrypted data. If you were to lose it, anyone could read the content without your passwords. Cost 29 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 1 - 29 euros
    Cod. 25 - Customer consolidation module. Accumulates loyalty points to have a certain advantage eg. A free treatment, with the possibility of sending the balance points by SMS or email for each new purchase. All points accumulated by customers will be visible from a special window. Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 25 - 20 euros
    Cod. 2 - Customer consolidation module, Virtual Bag. It is used to collect a certain amount of money, for example. 300 euros but it will have a value decided by you eg. 400. As customers who have subscribed to the offer will buy, this virtual purse will decrease. You can also configure the form so that your new customers automatically receive the new balance of points by SMS or email. Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 44 - 20 euros
    Cod. 21 - Customer Expansion Module, Bring a Friend. It is used to keep track of friends brought by customers so that they can win prizes if they reach certain goals. With a special window, all the customers you see will be visible, if they have made a purchase and if they have received a certain prize because they have achieved their goals. Ex. If they bring 2 friends. Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 21 - 20 euros
    Cod. 44 - Customer Expansion Module, Buy or Gift Treatments for Friends or Relatives. With it customers can buy or give, treatment to potential new customers. Everything can be monitored by a special window from which all the gifts can be tracked and it will be possible to see if new customers have bought more after the gift. It is also possible to send an SMS to the recipient of the gift. Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 44 - 20 euros
    Cod. 12 - Customer consolidation module. Automatic mass SMS management and E-mail for customer's birthdays (requires an internet connection). Cost 20 euros
    Mod. Cod. 12 - 20 euros
    Cod. 22 - Customer consolidation module. Send SMS and E-mail to all or some customers (eg. those who have performed certain treatments) to propose special promotions or discounts on treatments (requires an internet connection). Cost 20 euros plus eventually the cost of the SMS package. Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 22 - 20 euros
    Cod. 28 - Consolidation and Customer Expansion Module. Sending coupon codes by SMS and E-mails with validity and management area (requires an internet connection). Cost 20 euros plus eventually the cost of the SMS package. Costo 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 28 - 20 euros
    Cod. 17 - Customer Consolidation Module. Dormant Customer Recovery Module. It retrieves customers who have not booked anything since a certain time (eg. 6 months or a year), selecting them for product value and type of treatment purchased. It is associated with module 22 or 28, so first buy one of the two. Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 17 - 20 euros
    Cod. 17 - Purchase minimal SMS package that allows 348 unsigned sender submissions to the sender cell and 250 with definition. Cost depend of your country.
    For this Contact Qsce-Software.
    Cod. 51 - Send SMS from your company cellphone. Given that there are many tariff plans that provide 1000 SMS per month free or even unlimited SMS we offer the ability to connect the mobile to NoiSpa (an android at least 4.3 is needed) and run it with it. Cost 90 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 51 - 90 euros
    Cod. 3 - Form of the logo of your center in NoiSpa. Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 3 - 20 euros
    Cod. 30 - Appointment cancellation module. If a customer asks for some treatment at a certain time and is full you can create a warning. If you release an appointment eg. In the afternoon indicated by the customer, NoiSpa will notify you. Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 30 - 20 euros
    Cod. 4 - Weekly \ Biennial and Monthly Printing of Articulated Appointments for Operators (with the possibility of printing any amounts to be sold so that the operators collect the figures). It works to give operators a list of appointments so that they plan their activities in your center. The form allows the sending of activities to be performed by the operators also by email. Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 4 - 20 euros
    Cod. 6 - Customer memo printing form, price list and customer treatment list. This meens, you can send details of appointments by SMS and / or Email (by completely eliminating the card from your business). In the same code is included printing treatments and the printing of the price list with treatments and promotions. Cost 25 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 6 - 25 euros
    Cod. 29 - Recording reminder management module sent to the customer 24 or 12 hours before an SMS or Email with the name of the treatment to be performed and the time. In the same module you can opt for massive manual sending of appointments that are calendared within a certain date es. It will send a reminder to all appointments going from Monday to 9:00 am on Wednesday at 19:00. Cost 20 euros with eventually separate SMS cost.
    Mod. Cod. 29 - 20 euros
    Cod. 5 - Customer Value. View on the customer card, how much he spent and in all the parts where the customer name ranged from 1 to 100 (maximum given) given to the customer based on the revenue generated by the same on the total and his overall conduct (Eg whenever he did not come to an agreed appointment).Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 5 - 20 euros
    Cod. 7 - Appreciation of machine and center operators to evaluate staff and get the most out of it. It is based on the rating of 5 stars to be made carried out on a tablet by customers after treatment or with a second-rate evaluation even through their smartphone, by clicking on an email asking you for the survey. Cost 29 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 7 - 29 euros
    Cod. 37 - Associated with a specific customer of a fixed discount for certain treatments or products that can be selected from a drop down menu to enhance the best customers. Cost 30 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 37 - 30 euros
    Cod. 33 - Planner Enhancement Module (Calendar) - Staff Scheduling. Cost 30 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 33 - 30 euros
    Cod. 35 - Planner Enhancement Module (Calendar) - lunch breaks, holiday periods. Cost 30 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 35 - 30 euros
    Cod. 40 - Creating excel report with staff attendance vacations and service breaks for submission to job advisor (It is necessary to have first purchased modules 35 and / or 33). Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 40 - 20 euros
    Cod. 34 - Planner Enhancement Module (Calendar) - Detailed view of the calendar with weekly / monthly articulation. Costo 20 euross.
    Mod. Cod. 34 - 20 euros
    Cod. 36 - Planner Enhancement Module (Calendar) - Contextual booking of two appointments on the same customer for different operators (eg. hands and feet, practically informs you that there is an appointment already available but still allows you to do so). Costo 20 euross.
    Mod. Cod. 36 - 20 euros
    Cod. 43 - Planner Upgrade Module (Calendar) - Insert up to 3 contiguous appointments in the planner. Eg you want to put leg wax for 30 minutes and massage for 40 minutes the availability search engine will search for the contiguous availability of 70 minutes. (Currently it is possible to find the time availability of a treatment at a time). Cost 25 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 43 - 25 euros
    Cod. 41 - Planner Enhancement Module (Calendar) - Moving on demand of all contingent client treatments (eg. moving the waxing and the next massage 10 minutes, then you can move one treatment at a time). Cost 10 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 41 - 10 euros
    Cod. 39 - Planner Enhancement Module (Calendar) - Customize the planner colors if an item is paid or not. If it is paid its green if it is not its red. Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 39 - 20 euros
    Cod. 50 - Planner Enhancement Module (Calendar) - Machinery that needs an operator only at particular moments eg. First 10 minutes of use or last 10 or during business Cost 40 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 50 - 40 euros
    Cod. 10 - Planner Enhancement Module (Calendar) - Default cabin for treatment. When booking if it is free, a certain cabin will be proposed for the treatment chosen. If it is busy you will be able to make a selection. Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 10 - 20 euros
    Cod. 51 - Planner Enhancement Module (Calendar) - Certified Workers. If only certain operators are authorized to perform a certain treatment, only those qualified for the specific treatment will be visible at the time of booking. Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 51 - 20 euros
    Cod. 9 - Upgrading Sales Management. View products sold per customer. Costo 20 euross.
    Mod. Cod. 9 - 20 euros
    Cod. 31 - Enhancement of Sales Management. Ability to point out customers who did not appear at appointments without warning to account for discounts or other benefits. Costo 20 euross.
    Mod. Cod. 31 - 20 euros
    Cod. 46 - Enhancement of customer mastery with historical data revision around: weight, waist, abdomen, breast, arms, thighs, ankles and wrists and the ability to print a final report with initial, final and average data. Cost 30 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 46 - 30 euros
    Cod. 32 - Customer Master Enhancement With automatic import of customer records from an excel sheet containing the following columns: First Name, Last Name, Cell Phone. For further information please contact qsce. Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 32 - 20 euros
    Cod. 59 - Customer master upgrade. Ability to export excel to all customer records. Cost 49 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 59 - 49 euros
    Cod. 42 - Enhancement of Cash Management - In cash management, a + button will appear for each line that will allow you to increase purchased quantities of a particular services or product quickly without opening the windows. Cost 30 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 42 - 30 euros
    Cod. 47 - Employee incentive management For each product and treatment, a percentage of the sale is payable to the employees. In the recessed phase then the quantum to be paid to the collaborator and recorded by the system is calculated. In a special window you can see how much you earn from the employee and check if the sum has been paid so that you can start counting the proceeds. Cost 40 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 47 - 40 euros
    Cod. 8 - Data security (backup) management in a removable device (eg USB) or whether NoiSpa and USB automatic periodic backup on PC. Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 8 - 20 euros
    Cod. BackupCloud - Data security management (backup) with cloud rescue to allow in case of theft or fire not to lose any customer data and can start immediately with another easy installation of NoiSpa. Annual fee of 30 euros.
    Mod. Cod. BackupCloud - 30 euros
    For order, contact QSCE-SOFTWARE.
    Cod. 45 - Automatic management of active invoice issuance (where you do not opt for tax receipts), with customization of the structure. Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 45 - 20 euros
    Cod. 11 - Alert Commitments. It is possible to tell NoiSpa about the dates when certain actions are required. Pay the rent or the car stamp. At the opening, NoiSpa will recall the activity to be carried out with a notice. Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 11 - 20 euros
    Cod. 15 - Analysis of proceeds. The form also contains an analysis of the fundraisers per operator over a period of time (eg, John has handled treatments for 10,000 euros this year) and a representation of the proceeds for treatment, treatment category (eg Category Massages 20,000 euros this year) and Finally for promotions. Cost 29 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 15 - 29 euros
    Cod. 16 - - Advertising profitability analysis module. (Eg groupalia, groupon, radio, flyer etc.) and optimizing the results. How many customers came from the campaign discounts, how many of them are active after a certain period of time (6 months or a year), which sales have produced and how it is distributed over the year. Cost 29 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 16 - 29 euros
    Cod. 19 - Historical and statistical analysis of stock inventory and automatic order management tools by sending e-mail to the vendor when stock stock falls below the security escort. Allows you to always have the inventory with a useful resource to meet all your needs. Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 19 - 20 euros
    Cod. 24 - First-Time Management (Daily Balance Cash and Bank Balance + Movement Management with Export and Printing). Cost 60 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 24 - 60 euros
    Cod. 27 - Home and Bank Daily Balance Management. Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 27 - 20 euros
    Cod. 13 - Bookable appointments from customers from facebook and your site, with archives in your center. The service also has a strong advertising value because it starts from the facebook page of the center. On it will be expressed a preference timetable eg. Monday 11th from 3pm to 6pm. These entries will be viewable from the reception of the center in a special area of NoiSpa so as to make arrangements with the customer. Cost 49 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 13 - 49 euros
    Cod. 53 - Bookable appointments by customers from facebook and your site, with archives on our servers It also involves purchasing data centralization on our servers (Cloud or Internet). The service also has a strong advertising value because it starts from the facebook page of the center. With an innovative security system your customers will be able to enter the appointment autonomously. The appointment will be visible directly to NoiSpa. Cost 99 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 53 - 99 euros
    Cod. 38 - Managing NoiSpa and special Planner on tablet windows 10. With it you can make appointments in mobility. This module facilitates the management of the planner on this tablet model, even with pocket sizes like the 7 inches. You can only purchase this service after you have purchased module 39 or the cloud module or the USB pen module, cod. 1 (The USB pen with USB / mini USB input can also be used on a Tablet). Cost 60 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 38 - 60 euros
    Cod. 14 - Updating the price list of the center web site directly from NoiSpa. Especially for periodic updating of ongoing promotions and pricing / treatments on the website of the center. Cost 29 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 14 - 29 euros
    Cod. 18 - Remember administrator password. If you lost or forgot the NoiSpa administrator password, you can retrieve it with this utility. Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 18 - 20 euros
    Cod. 48 - Technical intervention on computers where NoiSpa is present to solve problems or solve them faster. Cost 30 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 48 - 30 euros
    Cod. 49 - NoiSpa management in client-server mode on your network. On a computer where there are data (servers) and other computers in the network (clients) that connect to it. Cost 40 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 49 - 40 euros
    Cod. Internet - The only files managed remotely on a qsce-software server. The data will then not be on the local computer where NoiSpa runs but on our server and if your PC breaks down then you will need to reinstall the software. A reliable internet connection is required. Annual cost of 149 euros
    For order, contact QSCE-SOFTWARE.
    Cod. Cloud - NoiSPA Management via Cloud. Allows you to have Archives and NoiSpa on our server. So you do not have anything installed on your local computer. The cost of this module depends on the users you create (center A is a user, center B is a second user, which can connect simultaneously). The annual fee is 149 euros for the first user and 120 euros for each additional user.
    For order, contact QSCE-SOFTWARE.
    Cod. Div - Funciones aparte de las anteriores, son de concordar directamente con QSCE-SOFTWARE


    The following modules are already included in the free base package and are granted in use until their expiration date.
    Once they expire if you want to continue using them you need to buy them. If you purchase at least 5 additional modules in the previous section, the following modules will never expire.
    Cod. 54 - Value of Sold. Allows you to view the seller's history, with the status of each treatment: executed, booked or bookable. This module also includes search filters in the customer master. Cost 30 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 54 - 30 euros
    Cod. 55 - Customer Payments Management. It handles the payee history and it is also possible to see all customers who still have to pay for their treatments or those who have given a down payment and must pay the balance. Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 55 - 20 euros
    Cod. 56 - Cabin Management. Cancels or modifies existing cabins or looks at the cabin crew occupancy distribution. Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 56 - 20 euros
    Cod. 57 - Multiutent Management. Allows administrators (admin, admin) to have a "user" number for users who can use their username and password to access some or all of NoiSpa's features. Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 57 - 20 euros
    Cod. 58 - Warehouse Management (Products \ Suppliers). It manages the warehouse of products for sale as well as those for internal use to check the average stock. If you drop below the minimum stock, the program will signal the alarm to allow for a new supply. Cost 20 euros.
    Mod. Cod. 58 - 20 euros

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